How To Read Guitar TAB

In this beginner guitar lesson you are going to learn how to read guitar TAB and some of the many TAB symbols used for common techniques you will encounter and use while playing guitar. This video lesson is great for new beginner guitarists as it also shows you how to play many popular guitar techniques and see how they appear on the guitar TAB. Covered in this video are the string names and how they relate on TAB, alternate picking techniques, chord tabs and chord diagrams. Guitar TAB for techniques such as hammer-ons and pull-offs, trills, tremolo picking, palm muting, strings bends and finger tapping are also included. This is a great beginner guitar lesson to introduce you how to read TAB for guitar and a few of the many possible guitar techniques. Use this foundation of guitar knowledge to sky rocket your guitar playing skills.

House of the Rising Sun Guitar Lesson

House of the rising sun is a great song for you to play on acoustic guitar, and it sounds very nice since we are using arpeggios when playing these guitar chords – TAB BELOW:

Playing these arpeggios in house of the rising sun should be fairly easy, since all we are really doing is playing one note at a time instead of strumming the chords. Each chord gets four notes played and this song begins with an A minor chord, then goes into C major, followed by D major open chord and then into a partially barred F major chord. The F chord could get play as a full bar chord, but this is not necessary as the lower string notes are not play and a partial F is usually easier to play anyways.

House of the rising sun guitar TAB:
How to play house of the rising sun guitar TABHow to play house of the rising sun guitar TAB

When you learn how to play house of the rising sun on guitar always make sure to make your picking sound clear. This often means that you’ll need to hold each chord down tightly and pick with solid down strokes to avoid buzz noises that may occur. Another key element to sounding great is too have seamless chord transitions, with no silent pauses between chords. This requires quick and accurate finger placements when switching guitar chords.